Bridal Shower

Romance is in the air. Let’s shower your friend with a fun but simple celebration. Here are some ideas to get the party started!

Getting Started

  • Ask a friend or two to help. Divide duties to make lighter work for all.
  • Set a date and create the guest list with the bride. Obtain addresses of guests at this time.
  • Wedding bells theme, of course! Also incorporate the colors the bride has chosen.
  • A specific type of shower could be suggested:
    • Kitchen shower
    • Linen shower (bed and bath shower)
    • Crystal and china shower
  • Invitations: Purchase or design your own, using pictures of the bride as a young girl. Mail invitations two to three weeks prior to the date, and don’t forget to include RSVP information and directions to the shower.


  • When you know the number of people attending, plan amounts of food, drink, and tableware.
  • Consider the time of day.
    • Brunch: Quiches, fruit platter, coffee, tea, and fruit juices
    • Lunch: Tea sandwiches, simple salads, fruit platter, and punch
    • Evening: Appetizers, fruit tray, punch, and coffee
  • You might want to consider a meatless option.
  • To save time, order prepared food from the deli.
  • Select a delicious dessert from the recipes in this section.


  • Memory game—Fill a laundry basket with items one will need for a room in the house. Give guests a pen and paper. Allow guests to view the items for 30 seconds. Remove basket and ask guests to write down as many items as they can remember within the time. The person with the most wins! Examples of items:
    • Laundry detergent
    • Stain remover
    • Clothespins
  • When the game is over, present the filled basket as a gift to the bride-to-be.
  • Wedding Gown Fashion Show—Have guests divide into teams. Each team is given one or two rolls of toilet paper. They must choose a model and create a wedding gown on her using the toilet paper. Have the bride choose the design she would most likely wear on her wedding day!
  • Picture Puzzle—Collect color photos of the groom as a child well in advance of the shower. Enlarge and copy each one onto 8 ½ x 11-inch heavy paper. Cut each enlargement into puzzle pieces and divide the pieces of one photo into three long envelopes. Each guest is given an envelope as she arrives. Each guest tries to find the two people who have the missing pieces of her puzzle. The team that finishes their picture first wins. This is a good way to get some interaction among the guests.
  • Do You Know Your Mate? Interview the groom-to-be and ask lots of personal questions. What is your favorite color? Food? Band? What was your first paying job? What was your first dog’s name? Be sure to also get the correct answers! Give each question to a guest (the answer is on the back). She asks the bride the question, and then decides if the bride is telling the truth when she answers. The bride can bluff if she doesn’t know the answer. If the bride misses, or the guest knows she is bluffing, the guest can select a small prize from a basket.
  • If you give gifts to game winners, make sure you have enough for a tie, or think of a tiebreaker!

Set the Mood

  • Gather items you will use and place them in a box until the morning of the party. Use items related to the theme. Examples:
    • Spring wedding: Lots of spring flowers. Little pots of fresh herbs.
    • Kitchen shower: Flower arrangement with kitchen utensils placed among the flowers.
    • Linen shower: Use a pretty sheet to cover the gift table.
    • Hearts and flowers and wedding bells are always good.
  • The night before the party, set the table. Satin ribbons running the length of the table are simple and inexpensive. Use colors the bride has selected for her wedding.

Don’t Forget

  • When the guest of honor arrives, greet her with a “Bride To Be” button. Have a special seat just for her near the gift display.
  • Make an extra copy of your original guest list. Write down the gift given by the guest’s name. Give the list to the bride when the party is over.