Baby Shower

What could be more fun than having a baby shower for a friend? Afraid of the work? Let us help you with the planning so you can enjoy the party!

Getting Started

  • Ask a friend or two to help. Divide duties to make lighter work for all.
  • Set the date and create the guest list with input from the guest of honor. Obtain addresses of guests at this time.
  • Don’t overlook the possibility of a couples’ shower. The dad-to-be might like being included.
  • Invitations: Purchase or design your own and place them in a baby bottle for a fun presentation. Mail the invitations two to three weeks prior to date, and don’t forget to include RSVP information and directions to the shower.
  • When you know the number of people attending, plan amounts of food, drink, and tableware.


  • Consider the number of guests.
  • Consider the time of day.
    • Brunch: Quiches, fruit platter, and fruit juices
    • Lunch: Tea sandwiches, simple salads, fruit platter, and punch
    • Evening: Hot and cold appetizers, fruit tray, and punch
  • To save time, order prepared food or party platters from the deli.
  • For a darling dessert, choose Pitter Patter Petits Fours or Baby Block Cakes.

Set the Mood

  • Theme: This could correlate with the theme of the nursery or could be a general “baby” theme.
  • For a centerpiece, tuck a few tiny baby toys, such as a rattle, teething ring, and small plush teddy bear, into a pastel floral arrangement.
  • Instead of placing gifts on a table, tuck them into a baby buggy or stroller.
  • Tie napkins with satin ribbons in blue, pink, and yellow.

Games—Let the Fun Begin!

  • Memory Game: Fill a laundry basket with items one will need for a baby. Give guests a pen and paper. Allow guests to view the items for 30 seconds. Remove basket and ask guests to write down as many items as they can remember within the time. The person with the most wins! Examples of items:
    • Baby shampoo
    • Bib
    • Diaper
  • When the game is over, wrap the basket for a great gift for the mom-to-be.
  • Name Scramble: Type a list of scrambled words and have guests try to figure them out within a certain period of time. The person who gets them all the fastest or the person who has the most correct within the time wins! Examples of words:
    • Pidare - diaper
    • Toblet - bottle
    • Gihh rachi - high chair
  • Diaper Race (Especially fun for a couples’ shower): Provide two dolls, two cloth diapers, and four diaper pins. Select two teams. A member of each team runs to their doll and diapers it. The next team member removes the diaper and re-diapers the doll. The team that finishes first wins. Need an extra challenge? Try it blindfolded!
  • Feed Me! (Also fun for a couples’ shower): Select two teams. One member from each team sits in a chair. The next member is blindfolded and attempts to feed the teammate. After one bite is successful, the blindfolded person sits in the chair. Blindfold the next team member and continue until all team members have tried to feed someone. The team that finishes first wins. (Use clean spoons for each team member!)