Throw your friends an anniversary party!

Getting Started

  • Several months ahead, invite several couples to join the fun of giving an anniversary party for your mutual friends or family members. Divide the tasks and expenses.
  • Select a date close to the date of the anniversary.
  • The guest list might include members of the original wedding party, plus new and old friends. Send the invitations 3 to 4 weeks ahead of the party date.

Set the Mood

  • Helium balloons are an economical way to decorate a party room. Select colors the bride used for her wedding party.
  • Swirl, swag, drape, or tie tulle netting over doorways and windows. Attach tulle bows to chairs and corners of tables if you have room.
  • String tiny white lights over everything—over doorways, around silk or fresh plants or trees, or the dessert table. Tuck in fresh greenery from the florist or from party planners’ gardens.
  • Ask members of the wedding party if they wish to wear their original wedding garments.
  • Arrange a collage of photos featuring the life of the couple up to the present.


  • The menu you select will depend on the number of people and space available. See the Parties & Gatherings page for more information.
  • A sit-down dinner is usually more elegant than a buffet, but buffet serving is ideal if the guests are seated at several small tables rather than one large table.
  • A simple menu can be very elegant. Try a beef rib eye or tenderloin roast, fresh asparagus, new potatoes, a green salad and dinner rolls. For an elegant and yummy dessert, make our Hearts and Flowers Reception Cake.


  • For this occasion, conversation and reminiscences will carry the evening.
  • The guests of honor might decide to renew their vows. They will need to make the arrangements.
  • A receiving line could be arranged so everyone is introduced. Include members of the original wedding party and the party planners.
  • If space allows, a dance following dinner would be fun and appropriate.
  • Select soft background music during dinner. Dance music could include what was popular when the couple was married.