All About Cookies, Bars, and Brownies

Giving Cookies As Gifts

Try some of these packaging ideas for sharing homemade cookies with relatives and friends:

  • Use decorative paper sacks or freezer bags and tie them with colorful ribbons.
  • Decorate coffee or shortening cans with wrapping paper or colorful adhesive paper.
  • Pack cookies in a wide-mouth canning jar. Cover the lid with fabric and secure it by screwing on the outer ring.
  • Weave ribbons through fruit or vegetable baskets lined with colored cellophane or plastic wrap for a more festive look.
  • Purchase decorated tins.

Mailing Cookies, Bars, and Brownies

When sending cookies to loved ones far away, a few simple packing precautions will help keep the cookies from becoming crumbs.

Choose cookies that can withstand the trip. Bars, drop cookies, and soft, moist cookies travel well.

Use a cardboard box or metal container. Line the container with plastic wrap, waxed paper or foil to preserve flavors.

Wrap fragile cookies in bottom-to-bottom pairs. Use foil, waxed paper or plastic wrap.

Cushion cookies with crumpled waxed paper. Place it on the top and bottom of the container and between each layer of cookies. Pack cookies tightly enough to avoid shifting.

Place the cookie container in a sturdy box. The shipping box should be slightly larger so that Bubble Wrap®, foam pellets, shredded paper or crumpled newspaper can be packed around the cookie container. Don’t use popcorn or cereal for cushioning, because it may attract insects or rodents and absorb odors during shipping.

Mark the box “perishable” to encourage careful handling. You may also want to send cookies first class to ensure priority handling and prompt delivery.