How To Bake Cookies


Cookies are a wonderful way to learn about baking or to become reacquainted with the joys of making treats from scratch. Choose a recipe to suit a special occasion or one just right for everyday snacking. The basics are easy and the results are delightful.

Kinds of Cookies

  • Cutout: Made from stiff dough, these cookies are rolled into a thin or thick sheet. The rolled dough can be cut into just about any shape with a cookie cutter or with a sharp knife and pattern.
  • Drop: One of the easiest cookies to make, drop cookies are made from softer dough that is dropped from a spoon in mounds onto a cookie sheet.
  • Molded, Shaped and Pressed: To make these cookies, stiff dough is molded into shapes such as crescents, logs or balls. They can be pressed flat with a fork or the bottom of a glass. Cookies can also be made using a cookie press or gun.
  • Sliced: Also known as refrigerator cookies, these are made from stiff dough that is shaped into a long, smooth roll and chilled. To bake, slices are cut from the roll. These cookies can be either thin and crisp or thick and crunchy.

Bars and Brownies

  • Bars: Bars are made from soft dough that is spread in a pan. They can be layered or filled, chewy or crisp.
  • Brownies: Brownies are soft and chewy; they can be made in a wide variety of flavors.