Holiday Snowmen

Holiday Snowmen from Pillsbury™ Baking

Tags: Cupcakes, Dessert/Sweets

  • Prep Time: 60 min
  • Cook Time: 20 min
  • Ready Time: 120 min
  • Yield: 18 snowmen


  • Crisco® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray
  • 1 package Pillsbury™ Moist Supreme® Dark Chocolate Flavored Premium Cake Mix
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup Crisco® Pure Vegetable Oil
  • 3 large eggs
  • 3 (16 oz.) cans Pillsbury™ Creamy Supreme® White Frosting
  • 18 small red and green doilies or seasonal paper baking cups, flattened
  • Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Small gumdrops
  • Pretzel twists, broken or pretzel sticks
  • Chewy red or multi-colored fruit rolls

Preparation Directions

  • HEAT oven to 350°F. Coat 18 regular size muffin cups and 18 mini muffin cups with no-stick cooking spray.
  • PREPARE cake mix according to package directions using water, oil and eggs. Fill regular and mini muffin cups half full with batter. Bake 10 to 12 minutes for mini cupcakes and 18 to 20 minutes for regular cupcakes. Cool in pan 2 minutes. Remove from pan to wire rack to cool completely.
  • PLACE 1 can frosting in microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH 20 seconds. Stir until smooth. Put a small dab in center of doily or flattened baking cup to keep snowmen in place. Cut small amount off top of larger cupcakes to level. Place cupcakes on doily or baking cup.
  • FROST sides and top of cupcake. Place small cupcake right-side up on top of larger cupcake. Frost sides and top. Smooth frosting over entire snowman, rounding shape as needed. Repeat with remaining cupcakes and remaining can of frosting. Reheat frosting in microwave 5 seconds on HIGH as needed to keep smooth.
  • DECORATE snowmen using mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons. Cut pieces of orange gumdrops to make nose. Place various colors of gumdrops on top for hat. Insert pieces of pretzels for arms. Add a scarf with 2 thin strips of fruit roll, pressed together to make one long strip.

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Serving Size (1 of 18 snowmen), Calories 550 (Calories from Fat 200), Total Fat 23g (Saturated Fat 6g, Trans Fat 4.5g), Cholesterol 45mg, Sodium 440mg, Total Carbohydrate 86g (Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugars 68g), Protein 3g; Percent Daily Value*: Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 4%, Calcium 2%, Iron 6%.

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

* Ensure all recipe ingredients are gluten free by referencing the ingredient labels, as products may vary. If uncertain, contact the ingredient manufacturer.