Holiday Wreath

Deliciously Easy! Celebrate the season with this fun recipe.


  • 1 package Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Holiday Cookie Mix
  • 1 can of Pillsbury™ Easy Frost™ No-Fuss Frosting Holiday
  • 1 piece of red fruit leather
  • Candy bits, such as jelly beans


  • Prepare a box of Pillsbury™ Funfetti® Holiday Cookie Mix according to the package directions. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.
  • Divide the dough into nine equal parts and roll into balls.
  • Place the balls onto a cookie sheet in a ring, about a half inch apart.
  • Bake at 350 degrees until the edges are golden brown. As the cookies spread, they will come together to form a wreath.
  • The wreath should cool completely before removing from the cookie sheet. Carefully remove from the sheet using a large spatula.
  • To decorate, hold Pillsbury Easy Frost™ No-Fuss Frosting Holiday and pipe stars across the cookie by applying pressure and then releasing while pulling up.
  • Repeat until the wreath is covered with stars.
  • For the bow, take a piece of fruit leather and cut into three strips. Cut one more strip that is one-fourth as long. Make the loops of the bow by folding two of the longer strips in half.
  • Next, take the shorter strip and wrap it around the center of the bow loops, tucking in the ends.
  • Fold the final strip in half at the center and cut the edges in a swallow tail to create the tail of the bow.
  • Gently place this piece on the top of the wreath. Then add your bow.
  • Decorate the wreath with candy bits, like jelly beans or peppermints.