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Snow Globe Lid Ornament

December 3, 2020
Create a memory you can share every year when you bring the snowstorm indoors with a fun ornament made from our Funfetti® Frosting Lids!
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Funfetti® Frosting Sprinkle Lid
Markers or Crayons
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Holiday decorations (figurines, small pom poms, etc.)
Pipe cleaner or ribbon
String for hanging


Step 1: Trace your frosting lid to make a circle on the cardstock. Make sure to cut the cardstock circle slightly smaller than the lid so it can fit inside.
Step 2: Using markers or crayons, color a background scene for your snow globe on the cardstock.
Step 3: Hot glue your decorations to the background, (Grownups, you’ll want to help with this!) whatever you’d like and let them dry!
Step 4: Place the Funfetti® lid flat on the table and add about a teaspoon of glitter (or more if desired!). 
Step 5: Carefully line the edge of the frosting lid with hot glue and gently press the decorated cardstock on top with design facing the frosting lid. Let dry, again!
Step 6: Hot glue a ribbon or pipe cleaner around the outside of the frosting lid to cover the seam between cardstock and lid.
Step 7: Make a loop with string and hot glue it to the back of snow globe for hanging. And voila!

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