Prep Time10m
Cook Time 25m
Ready Time 240m
Yield 12 servings


1 box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme® White Cake Mix

Additional ingredients to prepare cake mix per box instructions

3-4 tubs of Pillsbury™ Creamy Supreme® White Frosting

Blue food coloring

Jelly beans and chocolate Easter eggs

Piping bag

Piping tip (number 2D)
1 Tbsp. cocoa powder

1 ¼ Tbsp. vanilla extract

Pastry brush or new toothbrush


Step 1

PREPARE cake mix according to box instructions. Tint batter with blue food coloring. Separate batter evenly for 3 6” rounds. Bake and cool completely. Optional: Level cakes with a serrated knife to remove rounded tops of cakes.

Step 2

CUT out a 4” inch circle in the center of one of the three cake layers, using a round cookie cutter, large glass or biscuit cutter.

Step 3

PLACE the first cake round without a circle cut in the middle as the base layer of the cake. Frost with white frosting, using an offset spatula or a butter knife. Add the cake round with a circle and frost. Pour in jelly beans into the cake cavity and press lightly to pack in the candy. Add the last cake layer, invertedt. Tint the remaining frosting as desired and frost the outside of the cake. 

Step 4

SPOON remaining frosting into a piping bag fitted with a piping tip (number 2D). Pipe a decorate rope border around the outside of the cake. Top with Easter egg candies if desired. 

Step 5

MIX cocoa powder and vanilla extract until combined in a small bowl. Dip bristles of a pastry brush or toothbrush into the mixture. Bend the brush back and flick forward to lightly spray speckles onto the cake for a “robin’s egg” effect. Serve and enjoy!

Nutritional Information Per Serving

Calories (Calories from Fat ), Total Fat g (Saturated Fat g, Trans Fat g), Cholesterol mg, Sodium mg, Total Carbohydrate g (Dietary Fiber g, Sugars g), Protein g, Potassium mg, thiamine mg, Riboflavin mg, niacin mg, Folate mg, Vitamin B6 mg, Vitamin B12 mcg, Vitamin A mg, Vitamin C mg, Vitamin D mg, Calcium mg, Iron mg.

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

* Ensure all recipe ingredients are gluten free by referencing the ingredient labels, as products may vary. If uncertain, contact the ingredient manufacturer.

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