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Fun Candy Corn Bunting

September 23, 2020
Oven time isn’t wait time. It’s playtime! Get into the Halloween spirit by crafting fun candy corn decorations while you bake your Funfetti treats.
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Candy Corn Bunting Featured Image


2x white paper plates
Yellow & orange paint
Paint brushes
Hole punch
Twine or string


Step 1: Paint a 1.5 inch orange ring around the outside of your plate.
Step 2: Paint a smaller yellow ring on the inside of the orange ring, leaving an unpainted white circle in the center of your plate.
Step 3: Time to dry! Fan your plate with your hands.
Step 4: Grab some scissors and cut your plate into 6x triangles. Pretend it’s a pizza.
Step 5: Punch holes in the corners of the orange ring.
Step 6: Tie your Candy Corns together onto twine or string.
Step 7: Hang your decoration anywhere you like!

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