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Turn your cupcakes into cauldrons!

September 23, 2020
Have some witchy fun by letting your kids personalize their own Witch’s Cauldron cupcake decorations! (No Eye of Newt necessary.)
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Slime Funfetti Frosting
Gummy worms
Assorted candies
Black licorice


Step 1: Bake up some cupcakes! We recommend our Slime-filled Funfetti recipe.



Step 2: Layer on the frosting and add whatever candies you’d like! We recommend Slime Funfetti eyes and gummy worms for that witchy effect.


Step 3: Place the tips of a piece of black licorice on both sides of the top of your cupcake to create your cauldron’s handle.


Step 4: Take a bite, then cackle as spookily as you can!

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