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Fun Ugly Sweater Paper People

February 1, 2021
Top off your favorite Fall treats with this fun and colorful craft!
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Construction paper
Brass brads
Small hole punch
Sweater decorations (pom poms, glitter glue, bells, etc.)
Photos of faces (about 2”)


Step 1: From your construction paper, cut out a sweater, arms, legs, body, mittens and boots using the template we’ve shared. 
Step 2: Use a hole punch to punch holes into your construction paper in the spots shown on the template.
Step 3: Attach the arms, legs and boots with brass brads placed through the punched holes. Arms and legs should go behind the body. And boots should go behind the legs.
Step 4: Glue on face & mittens.
Step 5: Decorate your sweater as ugly as can be!

Doughboy looking to the right

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