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10 Recipes No One Will Know Are Gluten Free*

June 7, 2017
These irresistible snacks and desserts are definite crowd-pleasers for your GF friends-or anyone!
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1. Gluten Free* Funfetti® Pie Crust

A GF option for all of your family favorites.

2. Gluten Free* Frosted Almond Cupcakes

Almonds makes everything better.

3. Gluten Free* Banana Walnut Brownies

These are not your average brownies.

4. Gluten Free*Funfetti® Baked Donuts

A fun & GF-friendly option!

5. Gluten Free* Lemon Meringue Pie

A delicious classic, now gluten free.

6. Gluten Free* Chocolate Crackled Cookies

Just as irresistible as the non-GF version.

7. Gluten Free* Grilled Cake with Berries and Cream

Even dessert tastes extra good when you throw it on the grill.

8. Gluten Free* Chocolate Frosted Devils Food Cupcakes

Thank heavens these devilishly good cupcakes are gluten free.

9. Gluten Free* Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Now you can have your shortcake and eat it, too.

10. Gluten Free* Chocolate Cherry Cookie Crisp

Chocolatey, cherry, and crispy-a tasty trifecta.

* Ensure all recipe ingredients are gluten free by referencing the ingredient labels, as products may vary. If uncertain, contact the ingredient manufacturer.

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